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3 Benefits to Recycled Art


Receycled JeansThe idiom one man’s trash is another man’s treasure has been floating around for hundreds of years. That perfectly sums up the value that we place on everyday items. As long as there has been trash, there has been a form of recycled art. It used to be called junk art or found art. It morphed into assemblage art and collage art. Regardless of the name used, recycled art takes existing objects and remakes them into new and wonderful pieces to be love and admired.

Three benefits of recycled art:

1) It produces an emotional response

• Every art form evokes an emotional response. Recycled art goes one step beyond because each piece has a story to tell within the confines of the final art itself.

2) It extends the life of existing products

• Recycled art lives in the demilitarized zone between functional design and esthetic design. If you can recreate a functional design piece from recycled art, you have reduced the resource ingredients that go into recycled art but also reduced the post-production environmental impact of a new product.

3) Help the environment

• There are an estimated 250 million adults in the United States producing production of 1 – 4.3 pounds of trash a day. Even recycled materials must use resources to be ready for reuse. Re-purposing recyclable waste eliminates the need to use more natural resources. We could make a huge impact on the environment if each of us re-purposed 1 days’ worth of trash.

I challenge you this earth week to find a way to re-purpose 4 pounds of trash.

Let’s see what you create – #4forearthday.