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Privacy Policy For Mobile Apps


Applications Governed By This Policy
Bree The Bee
Weird Winston

This privacy policy governs your use of the software application listed above (“Applications”) for mobile devices that were created by Watercolors By Design.

What information does the Application obtain and how is it used?

The Applications are sticker based applications and do not collect, store or transmit any data not strictly necessary for its operation.

The Application does not use any third party services that collect, store or transmit your data. In particular the Application does not collect any “analytics” about how you play the game, nor does it collect or transmit any diagnostic data.  The operating system may collect and transmit crash report data if you’ve opted in to that. The operating system may collect certain information automatically, like, the type of mobile device you use.  This data is not transmitted to Watercolors By Design and we do not have access to it.   This is controlled by the operating system and falls under Apple’s privacy policy: https://www.apple.com/privacy/.

The data may be copied to other servers through backup procedures implemented by the operating system (e.g. iCloud backup or Time Machine). To view Apple’s privacy policy please go to the following URL: https://www.apple.com/privacy/.



 This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time for any reason. We will notify you of any changes to our Privacy Policy by posting the new Privacy Policy here.