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Everyday Art


Art originated as the only vestige to recreate the world around us. It served to help make sense of what stimulated our minds. It has grown as a tactile outlet for visual creativity. Art, paintings in particular, have weathered downturn economies for centuries. The main reason has been the persistence of artist and art lovers alike to understand the importance it has in our every day lives.

Art is especially vital to children as their minds are more absorbent to the stimulation of art. Their world, their learning is rooted in processing the imagery needed to sort out right from wrong, good from bad, their understanding of science and math. For adults, it helps maintain a mental playground…a place where our mind retreats to recapture the composure needed to just get through the day. It helps us sort out the complex behaviors and ideas we battle to rein in and understand.

So what needs to happen to art?

The everyday art movement is all about taking a moment to find art in the simple things that surround us. It is about taking the mundane things we overlook and enjoy the design and feel of the objects that pass through our hands. In the end art is as much of an experience as it is a tangible thing.
Make art a part of your life on a weekly basis. More importantly experience art on a daily basis.