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Doodled Places : A Coloring Journal of Everyday Atlanta

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The Doodled Life Coloring Series

The Everyday Art Movement takes items from your surroundings-the small things often overlooked-and transforms them into inspiration and also helps you relax along way.  Delve hand first into the wonderful world of coloring.  This third installment has 20 more hand-drawn pictures perfect for adults wishing to rediscover the wonders of colors.


Doodled Places : A Coloring Journal of Everyday Atlanta

Discovering beauty in your surroundings first starts by taking a moment to enjoy them.  In that moment of pause, clear your mind with these twenty abstract drawings.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Color.  Repeat.

This third installment of the Doodled Life Coloring Series takes a trip through Atlanta, GA.  Uncover some hidden places often overlooked on the way from here to there.  Color through the windy roads and skyscraper skies to wind down and relax!

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