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Skate Breaks For Everyday – Art Kit

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Skate Breaks

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She is a pretty princess.

She glides on the ice while the wind seemingly holds her in flight.

She spins.

She jumps.

She moves to the beat – dancing on knives.

It takes dedication – sometimes three to six hours a day.

It takes practice – landing the Lutz, nailing the Axel.

It takes passion – she does it for the love of the sport.

Sometimes she needs a break – a Skate Break.

Be you six or sixty, paint to clear your mind. From skating girls to toe-pics, these six abstract hand-illustrated drawings were designed to help unwind.


Unplug. Unwind. Color. Repeat.

Kit Includes
6 - 5"x7" drawings
6 - watercolor disposable palettes
1 - brush