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Tween Breaks For Everyday – Art Kit

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Tween Breaks

There is a certain age when little girls put down their dolls, pick up their cellphones, and march towards the teenage years with energy and vigor.

The tween years is where bedrooms become redecorated, outsides activities become serious, and play-dates become sleep-overs.

Although these tween years signal the end of dress-up days and tea-parties, they are also some of the most formative and fundamental of childhood.

They start the beginning of self-awareness and self-expression. Nurturing this innate creativity while young creates a lifetime of abstract thinking.

Tween Breaks is a mini art kit focused on tweeny things. From hooty-owls to cupcakes these abstract hand illustrated drawings come ready to paint-ready for your tween to stamp her brand of creativity on things that matter to her.

Their lives are busy–be that from school, activities, or phones. Give her a break – a Tween Break to unplug and unwind.

Unplug. Unwind. Color. Repeat.

Kit Includes
6 - 5"x7" drawings
6 - watercolor disposable palettes
1 - brush

Create & Unplug